Telehealth and Medicine Today 2022 Market Predictions


Each year Telehealth and Medicine Today reaches out to journal board members, annual ConV2X Symposium speakers and ecosystem subject matter experts to share their views and perspectives for the near term in the telehealth and virtual care marketplace. The article presents insights into where authors anticipate market opportunities and gaps that must be addressed for the most appropriate and effective patient care programs globally and regionally for 2022.


It is estimated that the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for telemedicine through 2028 will be 18.5% (1). Because our journal, Telehealth and Medicine Today (TMT), reflects and sets trends in the marketplace, leaders in the telehealth field graciously share here their views and prediction(s) with our readers around the globe for the near term.

As a publisher of TMT, over several years, I have focused on the impact of telehealth on the home care market, continuum of care, and care transitions. Telehealth is a cost-efficient alternative to institutional environments, and one that injects more choice and convenience for the health consumer. With aging populations and a looming healthcare worker shortage, virtual care in this setting builds resilience into the US health system, and it will continue to expand along with market investment and reimbursement. Although low cost, fast, secure data interoperability is on most agendas, I would like to see the ‘healthcare for more’ box checked. Today, 12 states have still not expanded Medicaid. Statewide regulatory consistency is a must.

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  • Tory Cenaj | Founder and Publisher, Telehealth and Medicine Today, USA
  • Lisa M. Lavin | Founder, Chairman and CEO, Ōmcare Inc., USA
  • Bradley J. Erickson | Professor of Radiology, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science in Rochester, Minnesota, Mayo Clinic, USA
  • Rami Farraj | Chairman of the Board of Directors of Electronic Health Solutions, Jordan
  • Florian Otto | CEO and Co-Founder, Cedar, USA
  • William J. Hercules | CEO, WJH Health, USA; 7CEO, floLIVE, Israel
  • Nir Shalom | CEO, floLIVE, Israel
  • Eyal Zimlichman | Chief Innovation and Transformation Officer, Sheba Medical Center, Israel
  • Shayan Vyas | Senior Vice President, Teladoc
  • Russell Glass | Chief Executive Officer, Headspace Health
  • Andrew C. Philip | Senior Director of Clinical & Population Health, Primary Care Development Corporation




We are a forward-reaching media and communications company catalyzing strategic thought leaders that champion the acceleration of healthcare transformation.

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Partners in Digital Health

Partners in Digital Health

We are a forward-reaching media and communications company catalyzing strategic thought leaders that champion the acceleration of healthcare transformation.

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