Responsible AI in Healthcare: Best Practices to Improve Healthcare Delivery

  • What is responsible AI? Is it the same as Ethical AI?
  • What lessons can be used in healthcare from tech players implementing responsible AI and unbiased systems?
  • Why is responsible AI important for healthcare? Is there demographic bias in the treatment part of responsible AI?
  • How can responsible AI help build a clinical support system?
  • What are some examples of responsible AI in the healthcare industry with respect to providers and payers?
  • What are learnings from responsible AI which can be used in Obamacare implementation?
  • HHS introduced an interoperability rule between EMR/EHR systems in 2019. How does it help in the implementation of responsible AI?
  • How responsible AI is currently covered in new US government initiative such as
  • Responsible AI & data bias in clinical trials



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