Research Writers Boot Camp Launched at PDHInst

Can Research be a “Currency of Exchange?”

Research, and publishing it, can fill a far more important role for your business, career, and organization’s initiatives, than you are aware of.

Not sharing credible research, data, and code, with the scientific research community and public media outlets worldwide, can be a dis-service to all.

That’s why: Startups and Early Career Professionals Need to Write!

Credible clinical evidence is everything in today’s data-driven healthcare industry and making data available to the public should be an integral component of any clinical, career, or business plan effort, whether data is positive or negative, and among all the means available for scientific communications, peer-reviewed publications remain the gold standard for public release.

Partners in Digital Health Institute (PDHInst), in collaboration with our partner, The International Society for Medical Publication Professionals, (ISMPP), is pleased to bring this incubator webinar series to you, to guide and educate startups and early career professionals with ways to solve medical communication challenges, assisted by world leading authorities and SMEs.

To access the webinar and Writers Boot Camp series, click:

Join experts for the first in a new series to guide startups and early career professionals to understand the value of research, how and where to publish research, benefits, challenges and more.

Discussion topics include:

• Why publish research?

• What’s a publication plan and do I need one?
• How do I maximize visibility of my publication?
• When is it okay not to publish?
• Which journal(s) should I target and why?
• How do I write a research manuscript and who writes it?
• What do I need to consider when writing a publication and/or anticipating a regulatory filing?
• Where can I go for help?


• First hand examples and invaluable pearls of wisdom you have likely not thought about, impacting your market and network perception, from real world guest speaker experiences.


The PDHInst mission is to connect a global network that empowers members to amplify awareness, and scale the adoption of digital health solutions, services and advanced technologies, to drive more constructive dialog accelerating a new global health era.

To join the PDHInst and obtain more details click:



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