Proving Value with Data

  • Video, synchronous, asynchronous
  • Telephone
  • Email, including, but not limited to, store and forward photos/videos
  • Text/Chat
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Artificial Intelligence/algorithm-driven care
  1. Reduced cost of care, to the US healthcare system and/or to the patient, without reduction in clinical outcomes
  2. Improved clinical outcomes, without increased cost, to the US healthcare system and/or patient, which may be related to improved access
  • What are the key data points and outcomes to inform stakeholders making reimbursement decisions (payors and legislators), for appropriate reimbursement to achieve the goals above? What, specifically, should be measured, optimally standardized across provider organizations? How high or low should the goals be set? For which specialties and diagnoses are these questions most important? 
  • This will include finding, collecting, analyzing and standardizing data available.



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Partners in Digital Health

Partners in Digital Health


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