MarkIt: A Collaborative Artificial Intelligence Annotation Platform Leveraging Blockchain For Medical Imaging Research

Abstract: Current research on medical image processing relies heavily on the amount and quality of input data. Specifically, supervised machine learning methods require well-annotated datasets. A lack of annotation tools limits the potential to achieve high-volume processing and scaled systems with a proper reward mechanism. We developed MarkIt, a web-based tool, for collaborative annotation of medical imaging data with artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. Our platform handles both Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) and non-DICOM images, and allows users to annotate them for classification and object detection tasks in an efficient manner.

MarkIt can accelerate the annotation process and keep track of user activities to calculate a fair reward. A proof-of-concept experiment was conducted with three fellowship-trained radiologists, each of whom annotated 1,000 chest X-ray studies for multi-label classification. We calculated the inter-rater agreement and estimated the value of the dataset to distribute the reward for annotators using a crypto currency. We hypothesize that MarkIt allows the typically arduous annotation task to become more efficient. In addition…

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Authors: Jan Witowski et al.

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