Innovations in Virtual Healthcare: The Evolving Competitive Landscape | ConV2X Day Two

AGENDA Day 2 — Telehealth

Introduction and Industry Commentary

  • Tory Cenaj, Founder and Publisher, Partners in Digital Health


The COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition Telehealth Impact Study — Obtain a detailed perspective from the principal investigator of this landmark telehealth study paving the way for understanding gaps and to allow telehealth best practices to emerge, creating a more effective and resilient system of care delivery in the U.S.

  • Francis X. Campion, MD, FACP, Group Leader, Health AI, MITRE Corporation; Internal Medicine, Atrius Health

Panel Sessions

Innovations in Virtual Healthcare: The Evolving Competitive Landscape

  • Jonathan Usuka, Chief Strategy and Informatics Officer, REALM

Telehealth and Virtual Care — An International Perspective — From LATAM, to Pakistan, to Nigeria to China, panelists tackle issues including barriers and solutions for mobile internet adoption, impact investing, partnership, social enterprise and national policies for eHealth. Speakers offer guidance on how to scale technology for end users, solve for manpower issues, connection flexibilities and offer uniform thinking for local successes.

• Dirk Schroeder, CEO, Updraft Health Innovation Advisors

• Jefferson G. Fernandes, MD, MSc, PhD, MBA, Neurologist, Vice-president Brazilian Association of Telemedicine and Telehealth. Coordinator, Telemedicine Education Program, Medical Association of São Paulo. Academic Coordinator, MBA — Management & Innovation in Health, IBCMED, Brazil

• Patrick Quinlan, MD, CEO and Founder, Hippo Technologies and CEO Emeritus, Ochsner Health System

NewCos — Better, Stronger, Faster — Game changing new market entrants are rapidly expanding the marketplace with tech and new business models. Panelists will discuss how to drive better consumer experiences, cheaper with faster outcomes with the transformational impact of solutions across stakeholders, regulatory frameworks, data protection regulations, and local healthcare systems.

  • Tory Cenaj, Founder and Publisher, Partners in Digital Health

• Lisa Lavin, CEO, Omcare

• April Mims, Senior VP, Public Policy, Hims&Hers

• Nir Shalom, CEO, floLIVE

Breaking Barriers of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Digital Health -As the pace of innovation and adoption in healthcare runs at light speed, we now need to consider deployments and operationalizing tech as this lags today. Panelists will share challenges from a case use, data variability factors, how to build tools and clean data to train algorithms, workflows and what the best impact for healthcare is.

• Tarun Mohan Lal, Vice President, Chief Analytics and Solutions Officer, Navicent Health, USA

• Bradley J. Erickson, MD, PhD, Professor of radiology, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science in Rochester, Minnesota, Mayo Clinic

• Elad Walach, CEO, Aidoc

Optimized Patient Engagement and the Consumer Experience — How Digital Health Improves Timely Patient Engagement, Effectiveness and Experience — As technology continues to proliferate, patients and consumers are able to access more innovations than ever before, but are these services enough to cater to patient needs? Will there be a gap in patients adopting new platforms to “unlock” new levels of care? What barriers exist that make it more difficult for digital health startups to retain patients and what can patients do to become better healthcare consumers? Answers to these question and more will be addressed.

• Yaël Ossowski, Deputy Director, Consumer Choice Center

• Omar Dawood MD, MPH, MBA, President, BetterUp Care

• Florian Otto, Co-Founder, Cedar

Hospitals without Walls — This fireside chat will include an up-close conversation about beds in the US being in the wrong places and how to realign assets. What are the new care team challenges and models to consider moving forward? What about transitions in care and training the workforce? Is this one area where consumers, payors and employers are in agreement? Challenges may not be clinical in nature.

• Steve R. Ommen, MD, Medical Director, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Clinic. Medical Director, Digital Products & Product/Platform Strategy. Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN

• Rami Karjian, CEO, Medically Home

The State of Data Onboarding, Interoperability and Trust — Panelists, with a combined $1B in funding and Canada’s largest software company, discuss leveraging data, modern infrastructure, advanced interoperability while enhancing patient trust to drive innovation at their companies and the industry as a whole.

• Jason R. Crites, Founder and CEO Assurance Health Data Inc.

• Christine Lemke, Co-CEO, Evidation Health

• Dr. Arif Nathoo, CEO, Komodo Health

• Dave Wessinger, CEO, PointClickCare

Impacting Consumer Loyalties in the New Health Data Economy: Fair Data Strategies, Innovation, Trust & Trends — Expect to disrupt traditional buyer models of bygone policies and data access with these panelists. Consuming information and social services are now decentralized in a collaborative ecosystem. What are the obstacles to privacy policy and should we have a national focus similar to GDPR? Privacy, security and trust must meet a minimum standard set by the government. What about the digital divide? Are policy maker debates too funding focused? Learn more about consumers and the new data economy on this panel.

• Deven McGraw, Chief Regulatory Officer, Citizen

• Dan Brillman, CEO, Unite Us

• Yaël Ossowski, Deputy Director, Consumer Choice Center

• Paddy Padmanabhan, CEO, DAMO Consulting and Author of “The Big Unlock”

*****Editors Telehealth and Medicine Today Best Article Award*****

Meeting Needs of Pediatric Patients in Grades K-12 with Telehealth: A Case Study — Viewers will gain a deep understanding of school setting and challenges schools can meet medical needs. Topics will include FERPA and HIPAA rules and regulations, proper consent for medical care in schools, understanding how enrollment and engagement affects access, reimbursement challenges and engagement with local resources and primary care clinics to identify gaps in care.

• Josh Golomb, CEO, Hazel Health

• Rubin Reyes, School Superintendent, Robla School District

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Efficiency & Outcomes of Direct Access to Physical Therapy for Musculoskeletal Disorders vs Physician-First Access in the US — Musculoskeletal disorders effect one in every two Americans costing $213 billion a year as the #1 cause of disability worldwide, with cost and disability rates of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) continues to escalate. Speakers will discuss new ways to reduce this workforce epidemic through cost effective physical therapy (PT) and virtual care from employer and employee perspectives.

  • Aideen Turner, PT, Cert. MDT, CEAS, CEO, Virtual Physical Therapists

• Alice Bell, PT, DPT, Board Certified Specialist in Geriatrics, Senior Payment, Specialist, APTA

• Heidi Ojha, Founder, Aware Health and Associate Professor, Temple University

Financial Confidence Strategies for Telehealth ROI & Investment Value

• Bryan Arkwright, CEO, Cromford Heath

Successes and Failures: Gaps in Home Health Care — Panelists discuss how telehealth advances increased access, quality of care and metrics to inform enhancements to care delivery in the US. In addition, discussion will include developing strategic partnerships along the continuum of care delivery to increase cost reductions, improved access and improved patient engagement.

• Andrew Richards, Co-Founder, Amend Health

• Sajid Ahmed, CEO, Wise Healthcare, Remote Primary Care

• Mike Biselli, SVP, Evangelist, OLIVE

• Vanessa Leigh McLaughlin, CEO, Welcome Home Health

How Health Plan Providers and Telehealth Partnerships Advance Care & Scaled Adoption — The session will include obstacles and constraints in technology infrastructure, patient habit and payment models, regulations that encourage adoption of telehealth, the unprecedented imperatives of COVID, access to rural populations and the health conditions addressed. In addition, viewers will glean new market opportunities to capture through telehealth partnerships and scale.

• Joe Hawayek, Head of Virtual Health, Aetna International (MEA), UAE

• Susy Postal, DNP, RN-BC, Chief Health Informatics Officer, Indian Health Servic

• Scott Rissmiller, MD, Executive Vice President, Chief Physician Executive, Atrium Health

Driving Telehealth Equity through Local Libraries & Community Connectivity — This discussion will bridge digital divides deploying telehealth services and care in everyday environments including laundromats and libraries bringing those behand, beside. What are the challenges and outcomes for low income communities with no Wi-Fi, laptops or stable internet? Panelists will share solutions to launch in communities with cost effective telehealth solutions.

• Craig Settles, Founder Gigabit Nation Radio

• Shauntee Burns-Simpson, President of Black Caucus of the American Library Association, (BCALA)

• Renee Patton, Global Education & Healthcare Director, Cisco Systems, Inc.

• Katherine Trujillo, Deputy Director, Libraries Without Borders

Home Health and the Future — What is the value proposition for this emerging market? Obtain a bird’s eye view of VC and inventor perspective on the home health movement. This is where new PE & Venture money is moving — in home based tech and care. Panelists will discuss the reimbursement map, integration into workflow and getting provider to change the way they do business.

• Sumit Nagpal, CEO, Founder, Board Director, Cherish Health

• Lawrence B. Leisure, Founder and Managing Partner, Chicago Pacific Partners

• Kaveh Safavi, Senior Managing Director of Global Health Business, Accenture

The Future of Patient-Centered mRPM — Panel experts will discuss understanding what accessible “patient-centered” mRPM entails from both a clinical and technology perspective, outline current challenges impacting innovation and trust in the use of mRPM from regulatory, physician and patient perspectives and detail benefits and gaps in making mRPM accessible for all patients.

• Maria Palombini, Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice, IEEE SA

• Narendra Mangra, Co-Chair, IEEE SA Transforming the Telehealth Paradigm Program

• Michael Carter, Program Director, Mass Brigham General

• Shayan Vyas, Vice President & Medical Director, Clinical Operations, Teladoc Health

The Future of Patient-Centered mRPM LIVE WorkShop — (included with event registration)

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