Efficiency & Outcomes of Direct Access to Physical Therapy for Musculoskeletal Disorders vs Physician-First Access in the US

  • Outcomes of specialty trained PTs in MDT vs traditional community care?
  • What is PT Direct Access and what the APTA’s stance is on both DA and telePT?
  • What does published research tell us about the cost effectiveness of PT Direct Access?
  • Misdiagnosis and training vs MDs?
  • What’s the primary dilemma of the traditional model of care for MSDS?
  • How has teleheath impacted traditional care for MSDS?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of telerehab?
  • What are the main obstacles and misperceptions to Direct Access?
  • Since COVID 19, what are the obstacles to telerehab?
  • What are the outcomes for WorkComp, Self-Pay and Group Health?
  • Aideen Turner | PT, Cert. MDT, CEAS, CEO, Virtual Physical Therapists
  • Ron Donelson, MD, MS | American Physical Therapy Association
  • Alice Bell, PT, DPT | Board Certified Specialist in Geriatrics, Senior Payment, Specialist, APTA
  • Heidi Ojha | Founder, Aware Health and Associate Professor, Temple University



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